Welcome to Kagumo ccm primays school .This is a public catholic sponsored school.It is located near Kagumo Town and borders Kagumo Girls Secondary.It has a population of  300 pupils from ECD,Special Unit  and the primary  school.The staff establishment from ECD to primary is 15 teachers .The head teacher is Mr John Wachira Munene.

The was started in the early 1940s by a person named Mikairi Gatuba at a place called Kangware near Mununga tea factory during the colonial rule.

In 1952 during the MAUMAU rebellion people were moved to one place (village) Kagumo and the school was moved to the same place .After the MAUMAU uprising the school was named Kagumo and was re-located to its present position .During that time it was Primary and intermediate and each section had its own head teacher .Later the intermediate was merged to one primary school.

The primary school grew and was one of the biggest primary schools in this area and used to have more than one thousand two hundred pupils. The community decided to start a girl’s secondary school in the early 1980s and Kagumo Girls Secondary School was started in 1984.

Part of the school land was given to the Secondary school.


The Primary school occupies approximately 7.5 acres of land .All the necessary land document have been forwarded to county land office so that the school can be issued with a title.



The school has enough class-rooms and inadequate furniture especially for the lower classes .The school is in need of a girls’ toilet and also modern staff toilet. Water is another problem .The school needs clean piped water which can be used by pupils .Some of the projects in the school development plan include:

  • Fencing the school with life fence to keep away intruders
  • Renovating the staffroom and H/trs Office.
  • Installing power in the ICT room.
  • Painting the front face of the school.
  • Repair of chairs and desks.



The main challenge of the school is indiscipline cases since most of the pupils come from the Kagumo Village and Kagumo town thus being prone to drugs and immoral behaviours.

Inadequacy of funds since most of the parents are economically unstable



I  cordially welcome all pupils ,teachers,parents  and all stakeholders to kagumo Primary School.The academic standards are improving on a raising index and all the stakeholders are impressed.Last year 2016  performance  improved from 244.71 to 258.70.

This year the school has placed a target of 280.00 mean score.The pupils are now very active working hard to achieve this as well as quality marks.

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